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Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump for Resale

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Easy to operate

Compact design

Can be operated using one hand

Individually adjustable vacuum

Instructions included

Consisting of

1 Breastshield (24 mm).

1 Valve head.

1 Valve membrane (one spare included).

1 breastmilk bottle with imprint (150 ml).

1 Lid.

1 Disc.

1 Cap.

1 Bottle stand.

1 Motor unit with battery compartment.

1 Mains adapter.

Batteries not included.

A Compact, Lightweight and Safe Breast Pump

Medela electric breast pump comes in a compact design and can also be used with one hand. You can choose the most comfortable vacuum option by switching on one of the controllers. Its compact design also makes it easy to carry while travelling. The Medela mini breast pump has a 150 ml bottle attached to it, which stores sufficient amount of milk at a time. As the pump is BPA-free, it ensures the highest level of health safety for your child. With just four parts in the pump, cleaning and maintaining hygiene is a breeze.

City : Hyderabad
Product condition: Sparingly used
Brand name: Medela
Listing created Jun 29, 2017

Public discussion (2)


Shwetha K

6 months ago

Is there any scope of price reduction


Shilpa N

6 months ago

Not much..this was very expensive..7500/-wont be able to reduce much..lemme know

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